Tuesday, September 11th, 2018

September 11, 2018

This workout symbolizes the events that unfolded on September 11, 2001, in its design. The date and year are represented by the row (i.e. 2001 meters) and the 9 movements, each including 11 repetitions. The 125-pound Thrusters represent the deaths that occurred at the Pentagon; the 175-pound Power Clean stands for AA Flight 175 that collided with the South Tower; Flight 77 and Flight 93 were combined and are represented in the 170-pound Deadlift; and the 110-pound Push Jerk signifies the number floors in each of the Twin Towers.


Coach leads group through:

10 jumping air squats

10 push ups with shoulder tap

10 Banded good mornings

25m bear crawl

x 2 rounds




2001 meter Run or 1.24 miles on the AB = 2001 meters
11 Box Jumps (30/24 in)
11 Thrusters (125/85 lb)
11 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups
11 Power Cleans (170/115 lb)
11 Handstand Push-Ups (Hand Release Push-Ups)
11 Kettlebell Swings (70/53) (53/35)
11 Toes-to-Bar (Knees to Waist)
11 Deadlifts (170/115 lb)
11 Push Jerks (110/75 lb)
2001 meter Row
*Athletes may start with Row and end with Run, or start with Run and end with Row.

**Use one bar, strip and add as needed. 



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Monday, September 10th, 2018

September 10, 2018

3min Z1


Crossover Symmetry


Coach leads group through:

:20 samson stretch L/R

:20 couch stretch L/R

:30 wall sit

10 plank scap retraction

x 3 rounds


A1. Bulgarian split squat x 7/side x 3 sets (Does not have to be the height of a bench, can be two 45lb plates or even resting your rear laces on a paralette. Pick a height that is comfortable for you.)
A2. Weighted pull up; 3.3.1 x 3 sets (rest 10-15 sec. bt. Clusters) 
A3. Plank rotations x :20 x 3 sets
14 minute amrap
7 FS @ 115/80 (from the floor)
7 Pull ups or BMU
28 double unders

Rest 3 minutes

20 cals AFAP on AB

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September 9, 2018


3min Z1


Crossover Symmetry

Pick 3-4 dynamic movements that will warm you up for what you choose next.


Skill and drill -12-15 minutes
- Pick 2-3 skills from each area of weightlifting (snatch, clean and jerk), power lifting (squat, dead lift, press), or gymnastics (body weight), and work on skills and drills for an area of each that you want to spend more time on.
- If you missed a strength session from this week, you can also make that up in this section.




Teams of 2 must complete the following:
as a team complete the following all in 5 minute blocks
max distance row – switching every 30 sec.
max distance farmers walk – switching every 100m
max distance AB – switching every 30 sec.
max distance sled sprint – switching every 50m

**5 minute row, then 5 minutes FW etc…





7min amraps with 2 minutes of rest/transition:


1. Row :30 hard, :30 easy

2. 25 Double unders, one length bear crawl, one length broad jump

3. 10 hollow rocks, 10 supermans, 20 pair of mountain climbers

4. With 1 light kb: 5 waiter squats, 5 push press per arm, 5 OHS per arm, 5 thrusters per arm. 

5. 5 box jumps, 10 push ups, :30 plank on elbows

6. 5 kip swings, 5 pull ups, 5 t2b or k2w, 10 reverse lunges (5 pair)

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