Monday, May 14th, 2018

May 14, 2018

Coach leads group through:

25m high knee jog

25m side shuffle L/R

25m toy soldier

15 DB Front squat

x 2 rounds




A. Back Rack Box Squat: 10-8-8-6-4 Every 2:30 X 5 Sets

*Warm-up as needed. Use a box height that puts you at parallel or just above.

**Don’t be afraid to play around with your stance, standing a little wider is a good fit for Box Squatting and will help you get some more Hamstring Engagement.

***The goal is to reach back for the box, get those hamstrings involved, not just sit straight down and make it all quads.

****Reference last week for loading.

B. Single Arm Overhead Kettlebell Box Step-Ups: 8/Side Every 2:30 X 4 Sets
*Use the same box height you used to Box Squat. Perform all reps on 1 leg before switching to the other.

**For this use a single Kettlebell, it should be in the opposing hand of the leg that is stepping up.

***Choose a challenging weight.


For time:
21-18-15-12 Power Clean 95/65
200m Run

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May 13, 2018

3min Z1


Crossover Symmetry


Choose 3-4 Dynamic warm ups for what you do next.




Skill and drill -12-15 minutes
-Pick 2-3 skills from each area of weightlifting (snatch, clean and jerk), power lifting (squat, dead lift, press), or gymnastics (body weight), and work on skills and drills for an area of each that you want to spend more time on.
-If you missed a strength session from this week, you can also make that up in this section.




Teams of 2:
12 rounds for time
30 sec. max calorie aB
30 sec. max distance sled run (1/0 plates)
30 sec. max kb swings, 55/35#

The teammates will switch roles every 30 sec. So, P1 will AB for 30 sec., then P2 will run with the sled, then P1 will kb swing, then P2 will start the round with the AB etc… for 12 total rounds.



Coach leads group through warm up.


As many rounds as possible in 8:00 of:
15 Hand-Release Push ups
12 Russian KB Swings, challenging weight


rest 2 mins


As many rounds as possible in 7:00 of:
9 Ring or Box Tricep Dips or 5 MU
21 Double Unders


rest 2 mins


As many rounds as possible in 8:00 of:

4 DB Power Cleans
7 Squat thrust jumps
50ft Farmers carry


rest 2 mins


As many rounds as possible in 7:00 of:

20 pair alternate knee to elbow mountain climbers

20 pair single leg v-ups

12' seal walk with slider


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Team Saturday

May 12, 2018

Teams of 4 split into two teams:


Team of 2, AMRAP12
100m sprint 
5 burpees
10 deadlifts 185lbs/125lbs
5 pull ups


Rest 3 mins, teams switch


Team of 2, AMRAP12
200m row sprint
5 burpees
15 goblet squats (50lbs/ 30lbs)
5 push ups


After both pairs have completed both 12 min sets, the whole team should complete: 100 power snatches (95lbs/65lbs) for time.

*both amraps performed as I go, you go in each movement.

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