Thursday, March 26, 2020

Published March 25, 2020


3 sets:

30 sec/side Lunging hip flexor stretch ( back leg straight for leg 90 degree angle hips squared)

20 sec/side lying face down pec stretch (scorpion position arms out in T position lift leg over )

20 sec Downward dog 

20 sec/side Neck release stretch seated (tight held slight angle for each side and gently press forwards)




8 min AMRAP:
8 burpees over DBs
15 KB or DB deadlifts
10 DB hang clean
5 push press


Rest 3 mins


6 min AMRAP:
8 burpees over DBs
15 front rack lunges


Rest 3 mins


4 min AMRAP
8 burpees over DBs
4 DB thrusters

*Can use household items in place of dumbbells!

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