Monday, August 12th, 2019

Published August 11, 2019


Coach leads group through:

25m walking lunge with thoracic twist

25m weighted tip toe walk

10 KB Squat press out

10 KB Cossacks, alternating legs

x 2 rounds




A1. Frankenstein Squat (video) work up to 3 reps @ 70% feel over 5 sets each one has a 1sec. pause in the bottom.

*This drill teaches you the proper positioning of both the bar and your body during the clean and front squat. ... Squat by flexing the knees and hips, sitting in between your legs. Keep the torso upright, the arms up, and the shoulders forward, and the bar should stay in place.

** If you are uncomfortable with this new position, just front squat.

A2. Double DB bent over row x10-12 reps x 5 sets

A3. DB side lying ext. rot x10/side x 5 sets



DB hang clean, 50/35#

DB thruster, 50/35#

**if you finish early amrap DB farmers carry in 50' increments to the 10:00 mark

rest 3:00

13:00 - 20:00 amrap the following

100m run

30 double unders

10 v-ups


Quick Hiit:

Each movment is completed in :60 intervals directly into :30 of jumping jacks

Set 1:

Air Squat

Wide-to-Narrow Push-Up

Squat Jump

Full Tuck Crunch


Rest :60


Set 2:

Forward and Backward Lunge

Tricep Dip and Hip Lift

Kneel to High Skip

Bicycle Crunch


Rest :60


Set 3:

Bridge Scissor

Dead Bug Plank

Squat Thrust Jump

Toe Touch Crunch


Rest :60


Set 4:

Lateral Lunge to Knee Drive

Inverted Push-Up (feet on plates)

Skater With Squat

Single leg v-up


Rest :60


Set 5:

Plank Walkout and Push Up



Rock-Up to Single-Knee (single leg crunch - shoulders off the ground.)


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