Crossover Symmetry

Published July 8, 2015

A quick announcement:

As I'm sure you have all noticed, we have  mounted four Crossover Symmetry units on the wall behind the rig. 

The goal of Crossover Symmetry is to facilitate safe and efficient shoulder mechanics, reduce the risk of shoulder injury, and improve overhead performance. The system addresses the specific needs, time constraints, and demands of the CrossFit athlete by combining the three phases of the Crossover Symmetry System (Activation, Recovery, and Plyometric). This system is currently being used by CrossFit™ athletes and coaches all over the world to prevent shoulder injury and to achieve peak performance.

Most of you will use the Activation portion of the programming on the Crossover Symmetry boards to start. As you become more familiar with the system you should look to return to the bands after training for Recovery as well as Plyometrics, which pair well with heavy gymnastic days. If we do not program Crossover Symmetry in to the warm-up, that does not mean you should not use it. Take advantage of this equipment. Over time you start to see the difference it makes in your shoulder mobility, stability and strength. 

Lastly, NEVER use the bands individually. They are always to be used in pairs, red with red, purple with purple. Using them individually creates inequalities in the bands and damages them. 




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